Terms & Conditions

We know this isn't the most exciting part but it is very important. Please make sure you read through our terms and conditions before booking with us. Of course if you have any questions feel free to contact us.



In order to confirm your booking, a deposit is required to secure the Citizen Caravan for your event. All balances must be satisfied 30 days prior to your event. *All deposit payments are non-refundable.


Bad weather happens, and in the case that it happens on the day of your event the host must communicate an alternative location at least 4 hours prior to the event. Citizen Caravan does not provide refunds in the case of bad weather (i.e. rain, wind, snow) We understand that unforeseen emergencies can occur and will do our best to work with you. Event dates and details may be modified at the discretion of our team at Citizen Caravan.


In the event that any of Citizen Caravan's items (Caravan Bar, Pop-Up Bars, glassware, decor etc.) are damaged or missing this must be paid for by the client/host. In some cases a security deposit may be required to cover such events.


If your event is being held in a public space it is the responsibility of the host to organize all permits and permissions and provide Citizen Caravan with the needed documentation.


In the case that your event exceeds the duration of time Citizen Caravan was hired for (due to delays etc.) additional fees may apply.


Citizen Caravan does not provide liquor license, if you are hiring our bartending services a “catering permit” must be applied for by either your venue or your caterer. We are able to work under a liquor permit and will provide our liquor liability insurance. Our team can walk you through the process for obtaining a permit. We also work closely with your event coordinator or wedding planner to ensure every detail is in order regarding bar service.